How many times have we looked at old photographs of a special milestone in our lives and been upset by the faded, torn or poor condition of what used to be beautiful images? Do we want our wedding images to fade with age as do our memories? Welcome to the new era in memory preservation.

Digital technology has made it possible to relive special moments over and over again, as if they were happening here and now. With a videographer capturing your wedding day, those images will remain untarnished and tatter-free forever. Regardless of what area of Australia you live, there are many options to find a qualified, experienced videographer who will work with you to make the day live on forever. Unlike looking through an old wedding album, your story will remain crystal clear. It will always be the greatest love story of all time, or most intriguing documentary you’ve ever seen.

A videographer will get to know you as a couple, and imprint your personalities into the final product. You decide how involved they are on the special day. If you want them to be in the background, they will be stealth-like with minimal equipment blending into the decor. If you prefer, they can be a part of the extended family you’ve invited. It’s your day so you get to choose.

Either way make sure to get the biggest bang for your buck by asking some important questions while deciding which company to hire for your wedding. Some things to consider are: How much is it going to set you back for your wedding budget? What are the credentials of the videographers being considered? How familiar are they with the venue? What type of work have they done in the past? Can you watch some of the videos they’ve completed for other couples?

Oh and most important of all. Don’t wait until the last minute. Book a videographer at least a year in advance to give them time to get to know you. You will be pleased with the quality and end result. For more information see