Movie Industry in Australia

Australia defines its movie industry as the production, distribution and showing of films. Australia is home to the first feature film. “The Story of the Kelly Gang” was released in 1906. Many Australian films have been internationally recognized and many actors and directors get their start in Australia before moving on to make movies in Hollywood. Many famous movies originated in Australia, including “Crocodile Dundee”, “Moulin Rouge” and “Babe”. Famous actors and actresses from the country include such big names as Mel Gibson, Guy Pearce, Nicole Kidman and the late Heath Ledger.

Today, Australia produces several large scale films per year, although the country has always had trouble keeping up with Hollywood and presents no real competition. Many Australian actors that get their start in Australian films make the move to Hollywood and never appear in another Australian movie. However, when Rupert Murdoch, an Australian and the head of Fox Studios, moved new studios to Sydney, several United States-based producers began filming in Australia due to the fact that it is cheaper. Australia has helped work on blockbuster movies such as “The Matrix” and “Star Wars”.

The Australian government is very supportive of the country’s film industry. Between 1968 and 1971, both the Australian Council for the Arts and the Australian Film Development Corporation were formed. Taking it even further, the South Australian Film Corporation was formed in 1972 in order to help promote and produce Australian movies. In 1975, the Australian Film Commission was born for the purpose of funding and producing films that could compete internationally. Despite the positives of government organizations in the film industry, there is a debate about the need for government in the movie industry in Australia. Supporters believe that it helps Australia to compete with Hollywood while naysayers think the industry would be stronger if the international market had full play without government interference.