Pirated Movies

When it comes to entertainment, just about everyone likes a good movie. And with today’s home and portable Blu-ray and DVD capabilities, movies are hotter and more widely accessible than ever before. But there is one problem: they cost a bit of money.

The ultimate solution for many: movie piracy. In Australia, as well as the rest of the civilized world, it seems that this very uncivilized and illegal form of theft is on the rise. So grab your blank discs and power up your burner equipment – we’ve work to do.

Not so fast though; as wonderful as “free” is, there are wider consequences, more negative than positive. But just for the sake of amusement, we can start with some perceivable positives. In the short-term, you save money by not purchasing real Blu-ray or DVD media. This is assuming you already have blank discs, burn equipment, and so on. And the few companies that manufacture recording materials get a business increase. What else is there?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the negative consequences of movie piracy.

Increased media prices to cover piracy loss and anti-pirating measures

time and effort involved with pirating

legal risks and liability

no official jewel case or accompanying insert media

questionable audio and video quality

little to no resale value

and many more!

So let’s get smart, Australia. Movie piracy is a short-term gain, not worth the long-term result. The Australian film industry is losing millions every year. These are precious jobs. The Communications Alliance, Australian ISPs and law enforcement are cracking down. This is your criminal record. Go legit, it’s really your best bet.